Welcome Note from the GID Director



Welcome to GID’s website which we hope will serve as a portal for fruitful communication and foster
transparency, openness and mutual trust in the service of our country’s strength, pride and stability.


His majesty King Abdullah II has entrusted me with the responsibility of leading this national institution in accordance with his vision and royal directives, these serve as a clear working plan for GID to help it achieve it’s role in the service of country and citizens, respect of human rights and citizens’ dignity, and act as a pillar of support for process of comprehensive reform led by His Majesty the King.


This is the path we will never stray from, ensuring that GID will remain a national institution based on values of righteousness, justice, integrity, transparency and commitment to the soul of the constitution and laws to help it achieve it’s noble objectives of protecting national security, stability and achievement.


We are happy through this website to present to you GID’s work philosophy, it’s objectives, duties and constant, welcoming your views and comments, please feel free to share any views you may have regarding the upgrade of this website as we value such feedback and exchange of views, I urge our citizens, brothers and friends to communicate with us to help us safeguard security and peace domestically and abroad.



Faisal Al Shoubaki
Advisor to his majesty the king for national security affairs
Director of the General Intelligence Dept.