G.I.D.’s Duties

GID’s strategy is derived from its laws and applicable legislation calling for the protection of National Security. In particular, GID executes the following duties to meet this objective:

Collection and analysis of information for presentation to the political decision-maker.
Countering of ideological sabotage which could lead to material destruction, in addition to countering attempts at infiltrating the Jordanian society.
Countering of material sabotage and combat of terrorism irrespective of its forms, targets and sources.
Countering of espionage.
Intelligence duties and operations to safeguard national security.
Other duties assigned to GID by the Prime Minister in writing.

Jordan witnessed two major changes during the 1990’s:

Resumption of Paramilitary activities, political pluralism, and signing peace treaty with Israel.

GID and the resumption of democracy:

Jordanian democracy is targeted by external and internal powers and sides to undermine it, so one of the GID major duties is protecting it.

GID and the peace era:

Peace with Israel is a strategic Arabian choice. The Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty achieved a numerous gains for Jordan, Palestinians and Arabs. There are internal and external opposition for the peace process trying to derail it by all means, especially through terrorist acts, the thing which made protecting the peace process and contributing in providing suitable conditions of peace and stability for the peace building stage (investments, tourism, etc.) , one of the major objectives of GID.