G.I.D.’s Logo and Its Significance



  1. The Crown: A Hashemite Royal Crown symbolizing the political system of a constitutional monarchy
  2. The Olive Wreath: Two branches symbolizing the arms of national unity
  3. The Shield: An Arab Islamic shield carved on it twenty-five Arab gates marking the Jordanian Independence Day of May 25th. It also symbolizes national security and safety of the Homeland
  4. The Eagle: One of Jordan’s birds; it symbolizes power, invulnerability and having control over the target.
  5. The Snake: symbolizes the enemy either internal or external
  6. The Two Swords: Two Arabian swords, crossed behind the Shield symbolizing the use of power against terrorism, evil and corruption.
  7. The Ribbon: A ribbon written on it the holy Quranic verse: “Say the Truth hath Prevailed”, meaning that we represent the truth and seek to fight the untrue.