G.I.D.’s Principles

In its work, GID builds on a deep and comprehensive understanding of the meaning of national security, thus awarding its various political, economic, administrative, social as well as cultural dimensions their due attention. This means that GID believes the task of preserving national security to be a shared responsibility amongst a group of parties that include, in addition to the state, civil society. Both are joined in a complimentary relationship that strives towards achieving the common goal of preserving national interests while maintaining national constants.
In its work, GID builds on a national heritage of Hashemite leadership advocating political moderation, justice and preservation of noble Jordanian, as well as Arab and Islamic values which, amongst others, call for the respect of international obligations and commitments.
Indeed, GID stands firm in its belief that security and stability form the foundation ground for comprehensive development and act as the only guarantees for freedom and decent life to Jordanian citizens under rule of law. These preconditions serve as safeguards against infiltration or fragmentation of the society while bolstering the notion of citizenship, feelings of belonging and patriotism.