Mechanism of G.I.D.’s Work

GID’s objective is to defend Jordan’s national security and protect its interests. GID maneuvers to defend Jordan from internal and external currents which may target its political stability, violate its sovereignty, or threaten the security of its people for the purpose of destabilizing its political pillars, slowing down its economic growth or hindering its untarnished international image.

The GID is committed to preserving the power of the Jordanian constitution when executing its duties. In addition, Jordan and the GID fully recognize and enforce the International Declaration of Human rights in addition to many other International documents.

The GID must work very diligently to keep up to speed on all the issues which may effect Jordan. The Department is continuously developing the capabilities of its staff for the purpose of achieving the highest standard of professionalism in order to meet the many challenges of today.

The GID is also a leader in the national fight against corruption in all its forms. GID is convinced that the phenomenon of corruption is a major obstacle to the nations political, social, and economical development.

The GID role is to collect various forms of information on political issues, economical indicators, progress and mind set of the social factor, as well as in-depth and complex security concerns, for the purpose of analysis and prediction. The conclusions are summed up in detailed reports that are dispatched to decision-makers for utilization and knowledge.

The detainment quarters of the GID meet internationally approved standards. As a result of the “Jordanian Prison Administration laws,” the Ministry of Interior recognizes the GID’s detainment center as an official state prison making it accessible for inspection and review. Detainees, who are detained as a result of memorandums signed by the Attorney General and various courts, are provided with three nutritious meals a day, clean quarters and are allowed visits from defense lawyers. In addition,Humanitarian International Organizations granted access to the departments detainment quarters upon an approved request.