Human Rights

A strong believer in human rights and democracy, Jordan’s constitution safeguards both. Articles 5-23 stipulate Jordanians right to equality before the law, education, employment, freedom of expression, forming associations, freedom of faith, conducting religious practices, etc… In fact, His Majesty’s instructions to all newly-formed governments have included demands to raise the ceiling of public freedoms, bolster democracy and respect human rights. Therefore, Jordan has hosted a number of workshops and activities related to the issue, thus testifying to Jordan’s commitment to the cause.

Moreover, Jordan’s detention and rehabilitation centres are open to civil society groups, particularly those concerned with human rights’ issues. While many praise Jordan’s commitment to advancing human rights and freedoms, other campaigns and reports tend to be politically motivated and, thus, provide a distorted image of Jordan’s record in human rights’ observance. In these reports, accusations tend to be exaggerated and based on individual cases with the aim of harming Jordan’s good image and standing in the international community. Nonetheless, Jordan continues to play host a large number of civil society and human rights’ groups and, in addition to adopting laws that safeguard human rights, incriminate violators and improve applicable detention and prosecution procedures, numerous official committees have been formed to oversee development and progress.