King’s Message to GID Director and the Director’s Reply

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful,

His Excellency Major General, Adnan al-Jundi,

Director of the General Intelligence Department,

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you 

I am pleased to convey to you my sincere congratulations and blessing on your new position and, on this occasion, I would like to convey my congratulations to each of the GID officers and staff.

Today, we face multiple challenges as a result of the regional volatile and turbulent circumstances, including the war on terrorism that should be combated by all means.

This necessitates maintaining the public’s confidence in the performance of the GID through investment to upgrade its capabilities and develop its structure, with the aim of ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism, and in a way that keeps up with developments, the magnitude of strategic threats and the continuous changes, so that the GID would, as it always has, perform its duties with the utmost excellence and proficiency.

This requires continuous work to raise the level of coordination between all the pillars of the security system in order to enhance close cooperation among them, and joint and integrated efforts at various levels.

In conclusion, I assure you of my full confidence that you are entitled to shoulder these great responsibilities and that you will find my full support.

May God protect you and help you shoulder your responsibilities.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you

King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein

2 Rajab 1438
30 March 2017


The reply of the Director of GID:


His Majesty, King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein
I have the honor to express to your Majesty my sincere gratitude for your Royal trust, by appointing me as the director of the General Intelligence Department, along with my deep devotion to the Royal Hashmite throne and the honorable and triumphant Hashemite flag, with the help of God.

Your Majesty, your precious trust, is a source of pride to me personally and to all of the GID officers and staff, who all pledge before God to remain faithful to your Majesty and to Jordan under your Royal directives that would be highly valued as a guiding GID plan of action, so that the GID will remain a leading national institution, which enjoys the confidence of your Majesty and the Jordanian citizens that would learn, from your distinctive and inspired Hashemite school, the standards of excellence and creativity, values of achievement and commitment to the national constants.

Your Majesty, we will work to develop and trigger all of the GID capabilities and review and modernize its structure in accordance with the size of the current challenges, keeping pace with the different sources of threats, including combating terrorism in all forms by stepping up all levels of coordination and integration with all the pillars of the security system, in our bid to protect Jordan’s national achievements and gains.

We are always looking forward to being loyal and faithful to your outstanding leadership and your Hashmite throne, by making a great effort to preserve the great national achievements that have been achieved in your gracious era so that Jordan remains strong, secure and safe.

Your Majesty, your generous will and the trust that you have honored me with, will always be an incentive for us to work towards elevating the performance to a high level of professionalism and development in order to keep pace with the progress that your Majesty is skillfully leading. May the Almighty bless your Majesty and long may you reign over us.

Yours truly, Your servant
Major General, Adnan al-Jundi,
Director of the General Intelligence Department,

3 Rajab 1438
31 March 2017