Quotes of HM the King

Quote by His Majesty the Late King Hussein on GID:

“My trust in the leadership and organization of the General Intelligence is Whole. I am fully assured by your awareness, your discipline and your unsung commitment to the duty.“




Quote by His Majesty King Abdullah the Second on the Jordanian Armed Forces and Security Services:

“As for our courageous Armed Forces and Our Security Services, they are our armor and are a symbol of our pride and nobility. They are the watchful eyes that guard our security and protect the lives and dignity of our citizens. They are first and foremost, the subject of our appreciation and respect.“

“As for our security agencies, they are also a source of pride to us. We are eager to develop them so that they would remain the eyes that watch over the security of the homeland and the citizen and the strong arm of justice. We highly value the efforts of these agencies, their noble task, and their effective role in protecting citizens and their belongings. But we emphasize the importance of respecting the citizens, preserving their dignity, and that these agencies must deal with the citizens on the basis that they are there to serve the citizens first and to protect their lives, belongings, and dignity before anything else. This is to further consolidate national affiliation, and establish a relationship between these agencies and their citizens on the basis of trust, cooperation, and mutual respect.”

Letter of designation of Ali-Abul Ragheb as Prime Minister on June 9, 2000

“With God’s blessing, we are confident that we are moving in the right direction. I place the security of my country and my people before my own personal security. We fear no one and no one intimidates us. Our security apparatuses are astutely aware. They are well qualified and well trained, and work tirelessly to ensure the security of Jordan and its people. We are proud of them, and our people know very well that there are those who wish to undermine and weaken our country. The plans of these terrorist parties and groups have been exposed, and their conspiracies thwarted due to the strength of our internal front the loyalty of Jordanians to their country and their nation. We are proud of the brave Jordanian stance and the ability of Jordanians to confront terrorist attempts that have sought to frighten secure citizens.”

Interview with Asharq Al-Awsat on January 23.2007